Catering Support


VIP Aviation is a Georgian handler.

Georgia is the junction of Europe and Asia. It is the country that is well known by its diverse culture, wine, cuisine of unbelievable tastes and hospitality.
The country's location is conditioned by its reach culture and history. You can find the first data about Georgian Tribes in historical sources from 12th century BC. It was discovered that the first homo-sapiens who moved from Africa to Europe had settled in Dmanisi, Georgia.
Over the centuries Georgian cuisine have become unique and inexplicable. Georgia is a place of various local endemic dishes which taste can't be compared to any other dishes around the whole world. We always recommend our customers to try local cuisine to feel its uniqueness!
Throughout the centuries the taste of Georgian wine was being gathered and collected piece by piece. The richness of its taste will not leave you indifferent.
We work with high - class restaurants and offer our customers not only traditional local cuisine with high quality but also the opportunity to taste culinary delicacies of worldwide cuisine.
Years of experience enabled us to meet all demands that arose from different customers and their passengers. That's why our catering menus are fully customized to a client’s wishes and demands.
Please note that given prices are optional, final catering prices will be coordinated with catering confirmation.
Please note that the menu for other locations is just for suggestion. Any order should be coordinated and confirmed by a caterer.