Ground Handling Support in Georgia and other location


VIP Aviation, is the only handling company in Georgia, mostly among supervision services providers worldwide, which never lies to its customers and transparently gives full information about reality of our market.

We are glad to declare that we provide flight supervision and support services for all Georgian Airports. We also support our customers for other locations through our partners.

VIP Aviation is established to serve you and we are ready to manage any type of service or arrangement that may be required for a flight, crew or passenger.

Nowadays when every minute is important and when losing time is invaluable wealth, VIP Aviation’s team is ready to provide full support, to reduce ground time for any turnaround flight for fuel stop, ambulance or any other purpose. Years of experience have given us a sense of customer’s needs and possibility to predict what may be required for a particular flight or case.

We can arrange and provide services including, but not limited to listed below:

  • Over flight and landing permissions, for Georgia and other locations, including short notice and very urgent requests.
  • Arrange ground handling on the ramp and support passenger handling supervision;
  • Coordinate and represent our customers in relation with any governmental and nongovernmental organizations in order to support planed flights and its needs;
  • Crew support during all time of its stay at any of our locations,
  • Crew and passenger transportation in/from/to the airport
  • Passenger assistance according to its requirements, VIP and CIP lounge support
  • Limousine Service and luxury cars for any needs,
  • Customs and Immigration assistance for crew or passengers,
  • Visa services and crew entry permits
  • Special arrangements for flights to domestic or special permit required by airports or air fields
  • Provide the crew with weather brief and NOTAMs,
  • In general, all you need is to contact us.

During these ten years we have handled all types of flights such as passenger, business, cargo, fuel stop and ambulance flights. We are ready to offer each customer an individual solution. We know that all of them would want to waste as little time as possible for permits, airport arrangements, payments, fueling etc. We are offering for all of our customers special rates and fees on our services, credit arrangement for all type of services.

We accept any type of payment: prepayment, cash, credit card payment or services on credit basis. In case if any operator needs credit arrangement for its ad hoc flight, we are ready to assist. All you need is to fill up this form and send to us.

We are at your service 24/365, just mail, text or twit us

You should try local, to feel the difference!